Thank you 2018

Thank you for your bright days and dark days.

Thank you for your snow drops pushing through the icy ground in February.

Thank you for your early summer’s warmth that stretched deep into September.

Thank you for autumn that came bursting with colour so vibrant, my tender heart began to HEAL.

Thank you for your winter days that beckoned me to sit by the fire and paint words across my pages, I wondered if I could write a book and I think I’ve discovered there’s a myriad in me.

Thank you 2018 for teaching me to crush fear beneath my feet with a PEACE the world can’t give.

Thank you for teaching me to pray in solitude and switch off my phone as time spent with JESUS is far richer than social media.

Thank you for teaching me under this paragon of a sky that UNDERSTANDING is the key to FORGIVENESS and that even when falsely accused; forgiving comes fast and fierce, because I know in the deepest part of me that our battles are not against people, but the darkness that swallows them.

So thank you 2018 for sharpening me.

And so I enter this next year with a CLEAN heart and a RENEWED mind; knowing that it’s in this REDEMPTIVE POWER I’m set FREE, and although hurt still lingers and healing is a longer journey; anxiety can’t consume me anymore.

So thank you 2018 for all your LIGHT and all your dark because beauty is born in the contrast- and as I come to the end of your tunnel, I open my arms wide to the new, fresh LIGHT of 2019 and promise to LOVE more deeply and GIVE more outrageously, and happily share the GOOD news with anyone who wants to know.

I will run faster and breathe in more fresh air and I will not allow the opinions of people to define me, for my Identity is in the ONE who holds me and HE will never let me go.💙

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